PhD Research Projects 2021
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PhD Research Projects 2021

PhD Research Projects 2021 is the fifteenth annual exhibition and conference related to doctoral research at The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, UCL. This year, these events will take place online for the first time.


The ten students showcased in this exhibition are undertaking the MPhil/PhD Architectural Design and MPhil/PhD Architectural and Urban History and Theory and mark different points in developing or concluding their research. The accompanying peer-reviewed conference takes place on the afternoons of 23 and 25 February 2021.

Leading to a PhD in Architecture, The Bartlett School of Architecture’s doctoral programmes encourage originality and creativity. Over 90 students are currently enrolled, and the range of research subjects undertaken is broad. This diversity is reflected through the exhibition this year, which presents projects encompassing history and theory, design and biochemical engineering, and other forms of practice-based architectural design enquiry. Methods and media of research also vary greatly, from archival and onsite analysis of the built environment, to biochemical experimentation, to practices of speech, drawing, video, weaving, and collaborative comic production. The purpose of the conference and exhibition is to encourage productive discussions between presenters, exhibitors, staff, students, critics, and the audience.

Featured Programmes

MPhil/PhD Architectural Design and MPhil/PhD Architectural and Urban History and Theory

Find out more about our range of programmes and how to apply to study with us on our website.


The views, information, or opinions expressed on The Bartlett School of Architecture PhD Research Projects 2021 website are solely those of the individuals involved, and do not necessarily represent those of University College London and its employees.


MPhil/PhD Programme Directors

Prof Jonathan Hill
Prof Sophia Psarra

PhD Programme Coordinators

Dr Sophie Read
Dr Nina Vollenbröker

Exhibiting Students

Alena Agafonova
Kerri Culhane
Fernando P. Ferreira
Clemency Gibbs
Naomi Gibson
Nina Jotanovic
Elin Eyborg Lund
Diana Salazar
Ram Shergill
Anna Wild

Director of Exhibitions

Chee-Kit Lai

Project Manager

David Shanks

Director of Communications

Penelope Haralambidou

Communications & Publication

Laura Cherry
Therese Johns

Content Management

John Cruwys
Anna Wild


Matthew Bowles
Michael Wagner


Abi Luter


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Special thanks to all students for providing the show content.

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PhD Research Projects 2021
23 February – 9 March 2021